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How Anitha Lost 6 Kilos in 3 Months


Today I am going to talk about how Anitha lost 6 kilos in 3 months despite multiple challenges. Anitha approached me after reading about her friend Ramya’s weight gain experience with me.


Trust Issues

Before we began, Anitha presented me with quite a lot of issues. One of them was a lack of trust in her own abilities to lose weight. She was also not sure if she would be able to commit herself for the next 3 months to lose weight because she had dieted previously but all her attempts were either unsuccessful or initially successful but were followed by weight regain later. Naturally, she was sceptical of making an investment yet again in something that had proven to be a fruitless endeavour in the past.


A Slow Start

Finally, when she began her weight loss journey, there was no change in weight for the first 9 days. In fact, her weight increased from 65.1 kgs to 65.5 kgs in this time period which is even higher than her starting weight. The turning point happened when her weight dropped to 64.4 within just 2 days of her weight spike. This was a big motivational boost for her. This is a testament to the fact that weight loss is quite unpredictable at times, it can happen when you least expect it.

However, it was not smooth sailing from here. There were difficult periods in the middle such as rough patches in her personal life or excess work pressure due to work from home which compromised her weight loss efforts. Additionally, she would often have company meetings in which her presence was required for a maximum of 5 minutes while the rest of the meeting was completely irrelevant for her work, however, she would still have sit through the entire ordeal as she was given no other option.

In such times, I felt it was important to stress that even maintaining weight is an achievement to be proud of. And it truly is because while many others falter by eating more to cope up with their stress, Anitha controlled her urges to let go.

Anitha proved that she has a steely resolve and was determined to at least come close to her weight loss goal if not reach it. She had put in as much efforts as she realistically could, given her limitations, and by the end of the plan had lost a total of 6 kilos in 3 months. Well done Anitha!



Here is a review of Anitha’s experience of working with me in her own words –

“With all the chaos the entire universe underwent in the last 9/10 months, I am sure it weighed too heavy for all of us when we are forced to adopt an unusual lifestyle and eventually it turned out to be the ‘new normal’, that’s when I was introduced to Sanket through a good friend who had registered for a weight gain program and I was really stunned to see her improvements and the results really made me think if the same could be applied for weight loss, though I was little hesitant in the beginning, Sanket never gave up and I should appreciate his perseverance always, both before and during the program.

The journey kick-started on a high note, maybe it was beginner’s luck (my assumptions only), but in the middle of the program, I felt the graph never seem to go high and I started to lose hope and few weeks in fact I was on the verge of giving up, a lot of things played a role in that, my work, my mental state of mind, my personal life and my irregularities where I struggled a bit to stick to the plans. Then in one of our weekly follow up call, I mentioned these and Sanket helped me to get back on track and I would definitely say the impact was positive and able to achieve a par target than what we initially thought within the remaining period of time.

I am able to keep myself physically and mentally in the right space now. This journey helped me to keep looking forward even the pace is slow, (because it is a process and not an instant noodles 😜) and now that I am determined to look forward, fitness as a lifestyle and not a temporary change in routine. The fundamental principle behind this program was to eat right according to your body and you will achieve what is desired. Stay healthy and stay true to yourself no matter what’s happening around, what’s happening within counts.”


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