Cold Pressed Juice
Cold Pressed Juice
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Cold Pressed Juice: Squeezing the Facts


Recently, cold pressed juices have become very popular. Their popularity has increased to the extent that they are being preferred over regular juice. Simply put, they are the organic vegetable equivalent of the juice world. They are claimed to be much healthier than regular juice. Due to this, it also cost twice as much as regular juice. But are they really worth the hefty price tag? Read on to find out.

According to cold-pressed advocates, regular juice involves the use of high-speed rotating blades which create heat and cause oxidation, destroying vital nutrients in the juice, whereas cold pressed juices don’t. This apparently keeps most of the nutrients intact making it more nutritious than regular juice which justifies the cost. Now, I could look at the evidence for both the production processes (let me know if you’d like me to) but as a nutritionist I am more concerned about the final product and the nutritional value it adds to a person’s diet.

I am comparing 100 grams (same as 100 ml) of cold pressed guava juice with 100 grams of regular guava juice and whole guava fruit.

Total Calories and Carbohydrates – As you can see there isn’t a great difference in calories between the 3.

Fibre – As you can see, whole fruit is the best source of fibre in your diet compared to juice.

Vitamins and minerals – Regular juice has got a 0 in this department, but if you compare the vitamin and mineral content of cold pressed juice to whole guava, then it doesn’t even come close to the numbers you see in whole guava.

Cost – It costs twice as much as regular juice and 4 times more than whole guava.

To summarize, the only advantage that the cold pressed variant seems to offer over regular juice is in the vitamins and minerals department. However, does this justify the cost of cold pressed juice? You are essentially paying 4 times more to get only a tiny fraction of the vitamins and minerals that you can get from an equivalent serving size of whole fruit.  Basically, just eat un-pressed guava instead of the cold or hot-pressed ones


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